An Introduction. . .

My name is Susan. I like to read books. I do other things as well.

I. . .

  • am a special education teacher.
  • am a dog mom to two Boston Terriers (one naughty and one nice).
  • like all kinds of books except westerns. Just can’t get into westerns.
  • like movies, tv, and spending too much time on my phone.
  • like to go for walks with or without my dogs.
  • love my friends and family.
  • am a night owl which makes getting up at 5:30 am really difficult!
  • would like to be a writer but never follow through. 😦
  • am a Star Wars/Disney/Harry Potter fangirl.
  • am a nice human being who would like to be your friend. 🙂

Review- Changeling


I finally finished Changeling.  I say finally because it was a short book (250ish) and it took me several days to finish.  The book started strong.  The character introductions were solid and made me interested in who these people were, how they would meet, and where the plot would unfold.  Overall it was just boring.  It should not have been boring!  There were “possessed” nuns in an abbey and a werewolf terrorizing a village!  A gang of teenagers and one cranky adult were set to find the truth!  This could have been 1400’s Scooby Doo!  That would have been awesome!  I feel like the premise of this book was great.  The problem was that everyone took themselves too seriously.  There was very little humor or camaraderie.  The group wasn’t really working together to solve the mysteries.  We didn’t get to know the characters enough to care. The only character I enjoyed was the only one with a sense of humor and he was generally thought of as an idiot by everyone else.  I really can’t see myself continuing this series which makes me sad.  It had potential.  It really did.